Frequently Asked Question

1. What garment sizes do you offer?

We offer infant apparel for sizes 2 lbs. through 4 lbs. 3/1/2024 we launched our expanded sizes in Adaptive styles, from 3 Months through 5T.

2. How is you apparel NICU-Friendly?

Our garments are designed to be easily placed on the baby by detaching and attaching at the shoulders, left side waist, and the inner legs (for boys).

3. Why are your handmade garments unique?

These garments were specifically designed with the NICU baby in mind. We know that many babies in the NICU require monitors, leads, and cords. Our garments are designed to work around such devices. AAP suggests parents always consult with your baby's healthcare provider for guidance when to dress your baby while in the NICU. 

4. Are you CPSC Compliant?

Yes. Our garments are CPSC compliant.

5. What countries do you ship to?

Currently, we are only shipping to our USA customers. We hope to expand to other countries in the future.

6. Can my infant wear clothes?

AAP suggests parents always consult with your baby's healthcare provider for guidance when to dress your baby while in the NICU. 

7. Do you use organic fabrics?

Yes. Our garments are lined with 100% organic undyed cotton that is made in the USA.

8. Are your baby clothes ready to wear?

Yes. We prewash our fabrics with safe, hypoallergenic detergent, then construct and sew the garment from start to finish.

9. I didn't use the garment. Can I return it?

To prevent any cross contamination of any sort entering our sewing studio, we hold a strict NO RETURN Policy. If you have any questions, please email us at

10. Where is my order?

Please use you Tracking Number provided when you purchased the garment. Please be advised that USPS may take up to 24-48 business hours to update their system once it has been received by the carrier.

11. Why do you offer limited quantities of garments and garment styles?

As a small business, we hand make each garment with care and intentional detail. Each garment is meticulously made to ensure great quality and design.

12. How do you put the garment on and use the waist band adjuster?

Please visit our Garment Video Guide link to watch our YouTube video on how to put on the garment.

How to use your Preemie Boy Bloom Garment - YouTube

How to use your Preemie Girl Bloom Garment - YouTube

13. Are your garments made with used or recycled material?

No. We only use new materials, including the notions, trims, and fabrics.