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Juliette & Hazel Children's Specialty Apparel

Infants Dresses

Infants Dresses

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Get your baby dolls Spring and Summer ready with our Dainty Dolls dresses for sizes Preemie through 9 months. These handmade dresses are plush and soft, featuring hook and loop shoulder closures making it easy to dress any infant. Dress upper bodice is lined with the softest organic undyed cotton for sensitive skin. Keep in mind, our garments are perfect for all children, but made *Adaptive for children with limited mobility or those restricted by medical devices/cords/tubes. 

*Adaptive shoulders have hook and loop closures on both shoulders, allowing ease of dressing any child or a child who may have physical mobility limitations, medical devices that make traditional apparel challenging to wear.

•Booties and hair bow band not included, may be added as a separate set purchase under 3 Piece Set options which includes 1 headband, 1 dress, 1 pair booties.

•All products are handmade 

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